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Books page updated 12th November 2021

A Summer For Heroes by Nicolas Trudgian

Nicolas Trudgian

The white cliffs of the south east coast of England, standing defiantly in the face of would-be invaders, are now 
synonymous with the pivotal conflict in the summer of 1940, the Battle of Britain, the Royal Air Force's finest hour.
Spitfire pilots of No.65 Squadron, heading home to re-arm and refuel, display the exuberance of youth as they swoop low in celebration over a downed Bf109. Above them, a squadron of Hurricanes climbs out to intercept raiders above
the Channel where the swirling paths of duelling aircraft are traced in vapour, high in the summer sky.

The Aces edition is limited to 195 copies worldwide signed by: 
Group Captain Billy Drake DSO DFC
Wing Commander Paul Farnes DFM
Wing Commander Bob Foster DFC AE
Wing Commander John Freeborn DFC*
Flight Lieutenant Keith Lawrence DFC
Wing Commander Tom Neil DFC* AFC AE

Limited edition of 195 worldwide with 6 signatures

£175 + postage and packing

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We Guide to Strike by Gil cohen

We Guide to Strike
Gil Cohen

Flying ahead of the main bomber stream, a Lancaster of 156 Squadron Pathfinder Force makes a run over its target in the heavily defended industrial Ruhr Valley. Extreme concentration can be observed in the crews eyes as they focus on their critical task of  marking the target.  The Ruhr, the greatest industrial area in the whole of Germany, was the most heavily defended target in the world. The Ruhr Valley was nearly always covered by an almost permanent smoke-haze which, at night made visual pin-pointing of towns below nearly  impossible. The Pathfinder force was able to penetrate the industrial pollution with aircraft equipped with the blind-bombing devise known as Oboe.  This technology afforded the ability to seek out targets  regardless of weather conditions and illuminate desired areas with brilliant target markers which reflected back up from the ground through the haze.  The application of the crews precise identification of the target locations will enable the following bomber strikes to be incisively accurate further crippling the German war  effort.
“We Guide To Strike”
(motto of  No: 8 Pathfinder Force Group)

Aircrew of 156 Squadron Pathfinder Force
Signing “We Guide to Strike”

Group Captain G Womersley DSO* DFC MID Pilot
Flight Lieutenant W Cleland  DSO DFC Pilot
Flight Lieutenant T Timperley DFC Pilot
Flight Lieutenant H Hernaman DFC Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
Wing Commander W Bagg OBE DFC Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
Pilot Officer D Briggs DFC Flight Engineer/Bomb Aimer
Warrant Officer J Chapman DFM Flight Engineer/Bomb Aimer
Flying Officer C Dee Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
Flight Sergeant C Follit DFM  Air Gunner
Flying Officer W Kerry Navigator
Warrant Officer R Noye DFC Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
Flight Lieutenant D Reed DFM Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
Warrant Officer J McCrum DFM Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
Warrant Officer J Watson DFM Flight Engineer/ Bomb Aimer

Aircrew and personnel of 156 Squadron Pathfinder Force
based at  RAF Upwood signing the
Artist Proofs, also to include the above signatures
Leading Aircraft Woman Mrs C Versey (nee. Taylor), Motor Transport Section
Corporal Mrs W Carter, Signals, Leading Aircraft Woman Miss D Search, Cook
Leading Aircraft Woman Mrs N Peters (nee. Ashton), Meteorologist Assistant
Corporal A Barnes Administration

14 signature edition

£120.00 + postage and packing

Friends with the Few

Friends with the ‘FEW’

Since I started collecting autographs nearly 45 years ago, I became personal friends with many of the ‘FEW’ 
I would visit many of them at their homes but so many would come to the air shows in their latter years signing for the public and raising tens of thousands of pounds for their charities.

There were a number of nights when we would accommodate them at a Hotel, that inevitably ended in long sessions at the bar and by the end of the evening having a hefty bar bill!  I’m sure they enjoyed sitting around reminiscing as I did listening.

Friends with the Few

Friends with the Few


I have so many stories, but two of my favourites were when Wing Commander Terry Kane would come to the signing events and once we had all sat down ready for signing, Terry would say to me “Is it 10 O’clock yet Colin?” and I would reply “Yes"
“that means the bar is open” he would say, and would send me off to pour a very large glass of Gin and Tonic.

On several official functions I would make sure the veterans were okay for drink and  another nice story is that I just leant over to make sure Geoffrey Wellum was okay and he said to me “I’m getting a bit bored now” I then suggested we discretely disappear for half an hour to the bar next door, this is one of my favourite photos with a great man.

This print was signed many years ago and we paid the pilots personally a signing fee to help them or the charity of their choice.
I just wanted to put this personal note as a thank you to them for always supporting me in my adventures in the aviation art business.

I hope you feel as we do that this is a true tribute to the valiant ‘FEW’ who protected our shores in the desperate months of 1940.

Friends with the Few

Friends with the FewFriends with the FewFriends with the FewFriends with the Few

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