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The Road to Dunkirk by Nicolas Trudgian
By Nicolas Trudgian

The 19th May 1940 was a day of hectic air fighting over northern France as the greatly outnumbered RAF battled to  keep the Luftwaffe away from the retreating British Army.  Max Aitken, flying his Hurricane of 601 Squadron, engages Ju87 Stukas of StG2 as they attempt to attack a British Army 
column retreating from the Panzer spearheads near Arras.  By the close of the day, Hurricane pilots had claimed close to 100 enemy aircraft.

After the little ships had gone (Companion print) by Nicolas Trudgian

By Nicolas Trudgian

The beach at Dunkirk, early June 1940

Operation Dynamo (Companion print) by Nicolas Trudgian

OPERATION DYNAMO (Companion print)
By Nicolas Trudgian

Defiants of No.264 Squadron over Dunkirk during the most successful day’s action 
of any RAF squadron in history. 29th May 1940.  ’37 enemy destroyed for no loss.’


The Road to Dunkirk has the original signatures of no less than 5 Hurricane pilots who fought in the skies over Northern France when the British expeditionary force withdrew to the beaches to be evacuated back to England.
The print measures 72.5cm x 50.5cm overall with an image size of 61cm x 35m
The Signatures are:
Group Captain Billy Drake DSO DFC, Wing Commander Peter Ayerst DFC
Wing Commander Peter Hairs MBE, Wing Commander Paul Farnes DFM
Wing Commander Jack Rose CMG DFC MBE
Also comes with pencil print
“After the little ships had gone”
The print measures 32cm x 44cm
£155 + postage and packing

THE ROAD TO DUNKIRK limited edition print with the above signatures
and companion print
“After the little ships had gone”
Also pencil print
Operation Dynamo” signed by Wing Commander Eric Barwell DFC*
The print measures 44cm x 32cm
£185 + postage and packing

£50 + postage and packing

Remarque and Canvas Giclee editions are only available from www.nicolastrudgian.com

Go Straight Ahead by Ernie BurtonBookplate

Ernie Burton

An extremely difficult limited edition book to find.

Signed by Four pilots from 222 Squadron Battle of Britain
Group Captain John Hill Officer Commanding
Squadron Leader Iain Hutchinson
Squadron Leader Arthur Spears
Wing Commander Tim Vigors
and the author Ernie Burton

£160 + postage and packing

The Road to Biggin Hill by Vincent OrangeSignature

A Life of Wing Commander Johnny Checketts
Vincent Orange

Personally signed in the book by
Johnny Checketts

£135 + postage and packing

Vector Fine Art Prints

We are proud to announce a stunning NEW limited edition print published by Vector Fine Art to commemorate the
80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain
by the world renowned aviation artist
Nicolas Trudgian


The Valiant Few by Nicolas Trudgian

The long days of early August 1940 witnessed the most intense period of fighting during the Battle of Britain. Following their first action of the day when the Hurricanes of No. 501 Squadron scrambled to intercept a morning raid, they now descend towards their forward base at Hawkinge to be refuelled and rearmed.
For a few minutes they share the sky with fellow pilots flying their Spitfires back to Manston. Soon, these brothers in arms will be airborne again as another large wave of enemy aircraft is detected crossing the Channel.
From the 10th July to the 31st October 1940, the tireless resolve of Fighter Command’s pilots bolstered Britain’s thin but impenetrable Front Line and would forever earn them the title 'The Few'.

Click on the image for further information

Friends with the Few

Friends with the ‘FEW’

Since I started collecting autographs nearly 45 years ago, I became personal friends with many of the ‘FEW’ 
I would visit many of them at their homes but so many would come to the air shows in their latter years signing for the public and raising tens of thousands of pounds for their charities.

There were a number of nights when we would accommodate them at a Hotel, that inevitably ended in long sessions at the bar and by the end of the evening having a hefty bar bill!  I’m sure they enjoyed sitting around reminiscing as I did listening.

Friends with the Few

Friends with the Few


I have so many stories, but two of my favourites were when Wing Commander Terry Kane would come to the signing events and once we had all sat down ready for signing, Terry would say to me “Is it 10 O’clock yet Colin?” and I would reply “Yes"
“that means the bar is open” he would say, and would send me off to pour a very large glass of Gin and Tonic.

On several official functions I would make sure the veterans were okay for drink and  another nice story is that I just leant over to make sure Geoffrey Wellum was okay and he said to me “I’m getting a bit bored now” I then suggested we discretely disappear for half an hour to the bar next door, this is one of my favourite photos with a great man.

This print was signed many years ago and we paid the pilots personally a signing fee to help them or the charity of their choice.
I just wanted to put this personal note as a thank you to them for always supporting me in my adventures in the aviation art business.

I hope you feel as we do that this is a true tribute to the valiant ‘FEW’ who protected our shores in the desperate months of 1940.

Friends with the Few

Friends with the FewFriends with the FewFriends with the FewFriends with the Few

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