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Colin and Rose

Signed Books Page updated 16 Jan 2021

Original Drawing
Nicolas Trudgian

Personally signed by Wing Commander Gwilym Lewis DFC (5 August 1897-18 December 1996) who was a  British Flying Ace during World War I. He Was credited with 12 confirmed aerial victories.

Framed within the mount is a superb original set of Royal Flying Corps shoulder title

£795 + postage and packing

Dennis 'Hurricane' David by Dennis DavidBookplate

Dennis David

Signed bookplate by the following Battle of Britain pilots, some of whom are extremely hard to come by.
Geoffrey Page
Dennis David
Peter Parrott
Jos Millard
Billy Drake
John Peel
Vic Bergman
Nigel Kemp
Gordon  Sinclair
Percy Morfil
Ludwik Martel
Mike Croskell
Cyril Bamberger
Fred Barker
Graham Leggett
Arthur Smith
John Freeborn
Peter Olver
Basil Stapleton
Dennis Armitage

£225 + postage and packing
comes with a custom made slipcase

Churchills Advance by Nicolas Trudgian

Nicolas Trudgian

In the snowy hills and forests of the Ardennes, in January 1945, the German army’s last
great thrust in the West comes to nothing as a lack of fuel and ammunition bring even the
mightiest of tanks to a cold demise. With the roads swept clear of abandoned armour the
Allies head east towards the German heartland and final victory. 

The Dangerous Road to Bastogne by Nicolas Trudgian

Nicolas Trudgian

On a lonely road, deep among the snowy hills of the Ardennes, American troops gaze in
awe at a German ‘King Tiger’ tank. Despite its apparently vast superiority over Allied
armour, the mighty tank has been abandoned simply through lack of fuel in the latter
stages of the Battle of the Bulge, January 1945.

Stapme's Final Attack by Nicolas Trudgian

Nicolas Trudgian

On December 23rd 1944, during the Battle of the Bulge, Squadron Leader
Basil  ‘Stapme'  Stapleton  was flying his Hawker Typhoon of No.247 Squadron on an
offensive patrol from his base at Eindhoven. Behind enemy lines, he spotted a train and
pressed home a determined attack with rockets and cannon fire. Unluckily, as the boiler of
the locomotive violently exploded, shrapnel damaged his aircraft and Stapme had to make
a crash-landing, spending the rest of the war as a prisoner.


Set of the three limited edition prints of only 75 worldwide,
all matching numbers
comprising of 
Churchill’s Advance, The Dangerous Road to Bastogne, Stapme’s Final Attack

For January Only
£80 each set

Vector Fine Art Prints

We are proud to announce a stunning NEW limited edition print published by Vector Fine Art to commemorate the
80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain
by the world renowned aviation artist
Nicolas Trudgian


The Valiant Few by Nicolas Trudgian

The long days of early August 1940 witnessed the most intense period of fighting during the Battle of Britain. Following their first action of the day when the Hurricanes of No. 501 Squadron scrambled to intercept a morning raid, they now descend towards their forward base at Hawkinge to be refuelled and rearmed.
For a few minutes they share the sky with fellow pilots flying their Spitfires back to Manston. Soon, these brothers in arms will be airborne again as another large wave of enemy aircraft is detected crossing the Channel.
From the 10th July to the 31st October 1940, the tireless resolve of Fighter Command’s pilots bolstered Britain’s thin but impenetrable Front Line and would forever earn them the title 'The Few'.

Click on the image for further information

Friends with the Few

Friends with the ‘FEW’

Since I started collecting autographs nearly 45 years ago, I became personal friends with many of the ‘FEW’ 
I would visit many of them at their homes but so many would come to the air shows in their latter years signing for the public and raising tens of thousands of pounds for their charities.

There were a number of nights when we would accommodate them at a Hotel, that inevitably ended in long sessions at the bar and by the end of the evening having a hefty bar bill!  I’m sure they enjoyed sitting around reminiscing as I did listening.

Friends with the Few

Friends with the Few


I have so many stories, but two of my favourites were when Wing Commander Terry Kane would come to the signing events and once we had all sat down ready for signing, Terry would say to me “Is it 10 O’clock yet Colin?” and I would reply “Yes"
“that means the bar is open” he would say, and would send me off to pour a very large glass of Gin and Tonic.

On several official functions I would make sure the veterans were okay for drink and  another nice story is that I just leant over to make sure Geoffrey Wellum was okay and he said to me “I’m getting a bit bored now” I then suggested we discretely disappear for half an hour to the bar next door, this is one of my favourite photos with a great man.

This print was signed many years ago and we paid the pilots personally a signing fee to help them or the charity of their choice.
I just wanted to put this personal note as a thank you to them for always supporting me in my adventures in the aviation art business.

I hope you feel as we do that this is a true tribute to the valiant ‘FEW’ who protected our shores in the desperate months of 1940.

Friends with the Few

Friends with the FewFriends with the FewFriends with the FewFriends with the Few

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