Memories of the Few by Richard C Smith

A Battle Of Britain Tribute To The Men & Women
Of RAF Fighter Command 1940
Richard C. Smith

‘Essential reading for those interested in the Battle of Britain on this the 70th Anniversary year’

It is now 70 years since the pilots of RAF Fighter Command took to the skies to battle with the might of the German Luftwaffe and stopped the threat of invasion of Britain taking place during the summer of 1940. Prime Minster Winston Churchill immortalised them as ‘The Few’.  It was a battle that Britain could not loose!  The last bastion of freedom left in Europe against Hitler’s Nazi regime.

This book tells the story of those courageous ‘Few’, but it is told by those who were there at that time. These precious first hand accounts have been collected by acclaimed military aviation historian Richard C. Smith, who over the last 15 years has travelled many miles to record the veterans amazing stories. Not only are we treated to the pilot’s experiences, but also of the men and women of RAF Fighter Command who served as ground personnel. The ground crews, who maintained the aircraft, radar operators and operation rooms’ plotters etc, they all played an important part in winning the Battle of Britain.

This book also covers RAF pre-war training, the Battle for France and the role of the Operational Training Units that supplied new pilots to be rushed into battle as the casualties began to mount. The three phases of the Battle of Britain are also covered.

Let us never forget the sacrifice of those who fought in the air and on the ground during the greatest air battle in history and won for Britain the freedom we still retain today.

The price for the book is £20 signed by Richard Smith

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