Men of the Battle of Britain by kenneth G. WynnBookplate
Bookplate Postcard

1st edition
Kenneth G. Wynn

It has two signed portraits by James H Lacey and John Cunningham
Comes with a superb bookplate with some extremely rare signatures
Keith Ogilvie
Robert Norris
Charles ‘Chuck’ Trevena
Michal Maciejowski
Wladyslaw Gnys
Arthur Smith
John Freeborn
Dennis Armitage
Pete Brothers
Ian Hutchinson
Archie Winskill
George Swanick
Bob Innes
Robert Fumerton
Dale Russel
John Flinder
Paul Pitcher
Bill Skinner
Gerald Stapleton
Billy Drake
Ludwik Martel
Fred Barker
Peter Brown
Mike Croskell
Cyril Bamberger
Tom Dalton-Morgan

A signed postcard of
Alan Burdekin
B W Brown
J C F Hayter
Roy McGowan
J I B Walker
J W Pye
K Dawick
Mick Shand
A A Garwith
J G Pattison

Making a total of 38 Battle of Britain veterans signatures

£225 + postage and packing

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