The Battle of thye Bulge by Patrick DelaforceBookplate

Hitler’s Final Gamble
Patrick Delaforce

Signed bookplate by the following veterans involved in the Battle of the Bulge:
M Bertram  Winzer  - was born in Emmaus, Pennsylvania in 1922. Drafted into the Army in 1942, he was assigned to theelite joint Canadian-American 1st Special Force, a parachute commando unit that would become known as 'The Devil’s Bridge'. He fought in the Aleutian Island Campaign at Kiska and Sefula, in Italy at Naples-Foggia, Ansio, and Rome-Arno, and in southern France and the Rhineland. Awarded a Purple Heart for a shrapnel wound incurred in 1944, Bertram is also the recipient of several campaign medals. 
Thomas “Wally” Clarke – served as a machine fun sergeant under General Patton in the 3rd Army, 26th Division, 101st infantry Division, company D. Martin Fleisher – served with the 9th Air Force, 397th Bomb Group. He first flew missions from fields in south easternEngland, and after D-Day moved to various other fields to support ground troops until V-E Day.  He flew 65 missions, including D-Day through the Battle of the Bulge. Frank Maresca - served in the 75th Infantry Division, 289th Infantry, F Company, He was wounded during the Battle of the Bulge. 
Walter G. ‘Jack’ Diamond – ‘Jack’ Diamond joined the 487th FS, 352nd FG in October 1944 and flew P51 MustangTwyla Sue with them until the end of the war. He was one of the few pilots who not only managed to get airborne during the Luftwaffe’s 1945 New Year’s Day onslaught of Operation Bodenplatte, but also scored an aerial victory and damaged another as well. 
Anthony H Goebel - pilot with the 352nd Fighter Group, claiming a victory on the 27th December ’44.

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