The Deadly Skies by Bernard Nolan

The Deadly Skies
Bernard Nolan

Deadly Skies examines the air campaign in Western Europe from its seeds in WWI through the growth of the contending air forces and the conduct of the campaign to its end on 25 April 1945. Nolan follows three paths in capturing the breadth of this history: the Royal Air Force, the Luftwaffe and the U.S. Army Eighth Air Force, focusing on the end result in terms of the immeasurable costs of human life and destruction. Variations and issues in applying bombing strategies by the RAF and the Eighth Air Force are examined in detail as are the moral implications of targeting late in the war – Dresden as the best example. The reader will see why the Allies might regard Hitler and Goering as their best allies – assuring with their meddling that the Luftwaffe never had a chance in stopping the bombing and the utter destruction of German cities. Nolan also brings some graphic personal accounts of the aerial combat environment that will put you in the cockpit with him.

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