Typhoon Attack by Norman FranksSignatures

Norman Franks

1st edition kimber

Personally signed in the book by:
Billy Drake
Percy Beake
Allan Scott
the author Norman Franks
Pinkie Stark
Gordon Batt
Jim Kyle
Kit North-Lewis
David Ince
Ronnie Shearwood
B G Stapleton
Joe Atkinson
Jim Stewart
Rick Dupres
Tom Kerr
Ron Pottinger

£135 + postage and packing

Typhoon Attack by Norman FranksBookplate

Typhoon Attack
Norman Franks

Limited edition exclusive to Vector
Only two available

Bookplate signed by Norman Franks and the following Typhoon Pilots:
Kit North-Lewis, 
Gerald Stapleton, 
Michael Shirley,
Gordon Sinclair, 
Ronald Allan,
Ken Adam, 
Joe Atkinson,
Jimmy Sheddon,
Gordon Batt

£95 + postage and packing

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