Day of the Fighters by Nicolas Trudgian

Day of the Fighters
Nicolas Trudgian

The pilots of 1 Gruppe JG-1 were up early on August 17, 1943, it was clear to the  German interceptor fighter groups stationed in Holland that this was going to be no ordinary day.  Shortly after 0930 a force of some 375 B-17s and B-24s, heavily escorted by fighters, started crossing the Dutch coast south of the Scheldt estuary, their destination Schweinfurt and Regensburg.  It was the start of a day of incessant aerial combat which raged all the way across Holland, Belgium and  Germany, and all the way back to the coast again as the Americans returned to England. It was one of 
the longest air-to-air battles of the war and became known by the Luftwaffe as the "Day of the Fighters".

Signed by artist Nicolas Trudgian and
Major Gerhard Schopfel
Hauptmann Alfred Grislawski
Oberleutnant Adolf Glunz

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