Heia Safari! by Nicolas Trudgian

Heia Safari! - The Afrikakorps (Eagle Edition)
Nicolas Trudgian

Elements of the 10th Panzer Division, Army Group 'Afrika', counter-attack Allied forces in northern Tunisia, early spring 1943. Overhead, air support is provided by the Ju87D's of St.G3 and the formidable Fw190A fighters of II./JG2

'The Eagle Edition' - only 325 worldwide

Signed by 7 Knights Cross Winner's of the Afrika Korps :
Fischer, Gerhard - tank - K.C.winner
Halm, Günther - pak-gunner - K.C.winner
Krohn, Hans - stuka - K.C.winner
Noller, Wilhelm - stuka - K.C.winner
Rudorffer, Erich - fighter pilot - Swords winner
Schultz, Otto - fighter pilot - K.C.winner
Seeger, Günter - fighter pilot - K.C.winner

Overall print size 35" x 23 1/2"

£180 + postage and packing

Panzer Edition

Signed by fourteen Knights Cross holders
Willi Bachor, Otto Carius, Gerhard Fischer,
Heinz-Gunther Guderain,
Gunther Halm, Hajo Herrmann, Albert Kerscher, Franz Kieslich,
Hans Kohn, Norbert Kujacinski, Wilhelm Noller, Erich Rudorffer, Otto Schultz, Gunter Seeger

£325 + postage and packing

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