Stalingrad by Nicolas Trudgian

Nicolas Trudgian


The Battle for Stalingrad started in the summer of 1942. By the bitterly cold early months of 1943, the city on the Volga, once the pride of the Soviets, had become the grimmest theatre of the whole war. The German 6th Army, originally the aggressors, had become almost encircled by superior Russian forces. The German soldiers' only hope of salvation lay with the Luftwaffe which was now given the task of dropping supplies for their army instead of bombs on the enemy.

In ‘Stalingrad’, Me 109Gs of JG3 tenaciously protect He111s of KG55 and Ju52s of KGrzbV 9 from the attacking Soviet Yak 1Bs during one of those desperate supply missions over the smoking ruins of the city.

The Luftwaffe's efforts to maintain contact with their ground forces enabled between 25,000 - 40,000 wounded men to escape the trap. Ultimately, however, the Germans were defeated and their failure to capture Stalingrad was subsequently seen as the most significant turning point of the war on the Eastern Front.

Each Stalingrad limited edition print is accompanied by a companion pencil print -

Stalingrad, Battle for a ruined city by Nicolas Trudgian


Signed by the artist Nicolas Trudgian:
Hugo Broch Knights Cross Holder Fighter pilot,
Kurt Dahlmann Oakleave Holder Bomber pilot,
Franz Gapp Knights Cross
Holder Bomber pilot (flew in Stanlingrad bomber missions),
Max Lagoda
German Cross Holder Fernaufklarer (flew in Stalingrad observer missions),
Willi Reschke Knights Cross Holder Fighter pilot, Erich Rudorffer Swords Holder Fighter pilot
plus on the companion print Stalingrad Battle for a
 Ruined city
Erich Klein German Cross in gold Holder artillerie (Stalingrad).

£185 + postage and packing


Signed by the Artist Nicolas Trudgian,
Hansgeorg Bätcher Oakleaves Holder Bomber pilot, Hans-Ekkehard Bob Knights Cross Holder Fighter pilot,
Johann Boos Knights Cross
Holder Bomber pilot, Hugo Broch Knights cross Fighter pilot,
Udo Cordes Knights
 Cross Holder Bomber pilot, Kurt Dahlmann Oakleaves Holder Bomber pilot,
Willi Dippberger Knights cross Holder Bomber pilot, Otto Engel Knights Cross Holder Bomber pilot,
Hajo Herrmann Swords Holder Bomber pilot , Erich Klein
 German cross in gold Holder artillerie (Stalingrad),
Gerhard Krems Knights Cross
Holder Bomber pilot, Dieter Lukesch Oakleaves Holder Bomber pilot,
Erich Rudorffer Swords Holder Fighter pilot, Wolfgang Schenck Oakleaves Holder Fighter pilot,
Heinrich Südel Knights cross Holder Bomber pilot,
Horst Zank Iron Cross 1st class Holder ground troop Stalingrad.

£395 + postage and packing

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