Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor was born in 1946 has lived and worked in the Roman city of Bath, England all his life. Robert Taylor was trained at the Bath School of Art after which he joined a local gallery as an apprentice picture framer, graduating after some years into the restoration department. Robert Taylor spent five years as a picture restorer working on many 'Old Masters' and became recognized as one of the best restorers in the west of England. During fifteen years working at the same art gallery, Robert Taylor spent all his spare time painting and drawing, many of his works being sold in the gallery.

At the age of 32, when offered an opportunity to paint for local publishing group, The Military Gallery, Robert Taylor took the plunge and became a professional painter. It was at this time that he began concentrating on marine and aviation subjects, and during the past decades Robert Taylor has established himself as one of the foremost artists painting today.

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American Eagles by Robert TaylorAmerican Eagles

Bader's Bus Company by Robert TaylorBader's Bus Company

Dambusters - Breaching the Eder Dam by Robert Taylor

Dambusters - Breaching the Eder Dam

Duel in the Dark by Robert TaylorDuel in the Dark

Fastest Victory by Robert TaylorFastest victory

Gathering Storm by Robert Taylor

Gathering Storm

Hostile Sky by Robert TaylorHostile Sky

Hurricane Force by Robert TaylorHurricane Force

Into the Teeth of the Wind by Robert TaylorInto the Teeth of the Wind

Little Friends by Robert TaylorLittle Friends

Mission Beyond Darkness by Robert TaylorMission Beyond Darkness

No Turning Back by Robert Taylor

No Turning Back

Running the Gauntlet by Robert Taylor

Running the Gauntlet

Russian Roulette by Robert TaylorRussian Roulette

The Dambusters - Last Moments of the Möhne Dam by Robert Taylor

The Dambusters - Last Moments of the Möhne Dam

Tommy Leader by Robert Taylor

Tommy Leader


Voyage Into Destiny by Robert TaylorVoyage Into Destiny

Wings of Glory by robert Taylor

Wings of Glory

Zemke's Wolfpack by Robert TaylorZemkes Wolfpack