Framed Prints

With over 30 years experience in framing we specialise in adding original items, which are cut into the mount, which included Kings crown pilot wings, bomb aimer wings/air gunner/navigator, 8th air force patches which are all original and truly enhance your collectors item. Also including original signatures.

Mountboard – We have tried several combinations with our mount board and found that the colour monument grey seems to be a really nice neutral colour, which picks out the colours in the fine art prints. When cutting the bevels the core stays completely white for years to come.

Tape – self-adhesive kraft tape, made in Japan, is the premium 504NS grade. The 70gm² brown paper has a pressure sensitive adhesive with a strength rating of 337. Surface is polycoated to make it water resistant. It is non-slip, sticks to itself – important at the corners, and bumpers will stick to it. You can also write on it. Excellent durability over a wide temperature range.

Photo corners– High-strength long-life adhesive holds the corners to the backing board. Print or photo is slipped into the corner pockets and held in place, with no adhesive touching it.  Maxi view cut-away style means that a minimum area of the image is covered.

Barrier Board – The ultimate protection of your treasured piece of art, protects against any impurities getting to your print.

Foamboard – This is an acid free spacer used for when I frame original Kings Crown pilot wings etc.

 Backing board – MDF

Glass – Ultra Vue anti-reflective glass.

This water white glass offers crystal clear colour transmission and a virtually invisible, anti-reflective surface for truly amazing clarity whilst providing 70% UV protection to slow deterioration.

Cleaning – Spray a small amount of non-ammonia glass cleaner onto a microfiber cloth never directly onto glass.

Picture Cord- Low stretch picture cord, framed up to 46 KG.

Framed prints are available from The Studio for collection or delivery can be arranged within a 40 mile radius.


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