80th Anniversary of the ‘Great Escape’


Stalag Luft III plate and label attached signed by:

Squadron Leader  D L Armitage DFC  266 Squadron Battle of Britain shot down in September 1941 and sent to Stalag Luft III

Flight Lieutenant Alan Bryett Penguin & stooge in the Great Escape

Flight Lieutenant Leonard Hall played an significant part in the Great Escape, being a trained meteorologist he predicted the weather forecast for the best night for escape

Pilot Officer Charles William Hobgen 77 Squadron, shot down 22nd April 1944, became at POW and sent to Stalag Luft III, he witnessed the aftermath of the Great Escape when all the fatalities where being posted.

Wing Commander Ken Rees pilot who was one of the main tunnelers in Harry for the Great Escape and was next in line to breakout when the tunnel was discovered. He rushed back up the tunnel, thinking he was going to be shot up the backside from German Guards.

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