The Race To The Bridge by Nicolas Trudgian


On the 17th September 1944, Private Steve Morgan of the 2nd Parachute Battalion,  Medium Machine Gun Platoon, made his first combat jump at the age of nineteen in the heroic battle for the bridge at Arnhem.  His platoon landed at Renkum on the outskirts of Oosterbeek with orders to take the ‘Lion’ route, the direct approach to the bridge, seven miles away. En route they encountered a warm reception from the Dutch people but were soon engaged by German forces whose resistance grew with every yard closer to the bridge, it was not until the evening that Steve Morgan and his colleagues reached their objective then for three days and four nights they fought valiantly suffering terrible losses until the remaining soldiers ran out of ammunition and supplies.

The print has been personally signed by Private Steve Morgan of the 2nd parachute Battalion medium machine gun platoon

Limited edition of 130 worldwide


As we knew Steve very well he would not take any payment for the signing so we have donated 50 copies to the The Airborne Museum Hartenstein.

As promised we met up with the Museum Director Ronnie at the Hartenstein Museum in Arnhem and presented them with 50 copies of the print to raise funds.

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