A Tribute To “Grumpy” By Nicolas Trudgian


Last year Vector held a collection in the memory of Wing Commander George Unwin of 19 Squadron who was based at Duxford from 1936-1941 from these proceeds a set of benches will be placed on the corner of 19 Squadron’s pre-war hangar, this is now hangar 4.

We have commissioned the aviation artist Nick Trudgian to do a very small limited edition pencil print entitled
“A tribute to Grumpy”

Overall print size 41.5cm x 21.5cm

Signed by:
Flight Lieutenant Ken Wilkinson
19 Squadron Battle of Britain
Air Chief Marshal Sir William Wratten
Served with 19 squadron on Lightning’s in the 1960’s
Wing Commander Adrian Hill
The current officer commanding 19 squadron at RAF Valley
Group Captain John Gilbert
Flew Phantoms with 19 Squadron
Group Captain Peter VanGucci
Officer Commanding 19 Squadron in the 1960’s on Lightning’s

All proceeds from this sale will go towards the upkeep of the benches

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