Churchills Advance by Nicolas Trudgian


In the snowy hills and forests of the Ardennes, in January 1945, the German army’s last
great thrust in the West comes to nothing as a lack of fuel and ammunition bring even the
mightiest of tanks to a cold demise. With the roads swept clear of abandoned armour the
Allies head east towards the German heartland and final victory.

Signed by four British veterans who fought in the Ardennes offensive
Alan King – 2 troop “B” Squadron – 1st East Riding Yeomary -D-Day 6 June 1944 – Sword Beach – Ardennes December ’44 – Sherman Tank
Jack Woods – 9 RTR – 34 Armoured Brigade – Juno Beach 19 June ’44 – Ardennes –
Villers aux Toues – Marstric Bridge – Churchill Tank
Leonard Fox – 53rd Welsh RASC – Dispatch Rider- D-Day 6 June ’44 – Gold Beach – 50th Northumberland- Hells highway
Nijmesan – 30 Corp (Market Garden) – Ardennes La Roche December ‘44
Ted Bootle – RASC Attached to 6 Airbourne – D-Day 6 June ‘44
Resupplied Major Howard at Pegasus Bridge- transported troops and ordinance to Ardennes December ‘44

Limited edition of 30 worldwide

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Set of the three limited edition prints of only 75 worldwide, all matching numbers comprising of  Churchill’s Advance, The Dangerous Road to Bastogne, Stapme’s Final Attack

£110 each set


Limited Edition of 30 Worldwide, The Battle of the Bulge Set of 3 Prints