Fighter Command’s Sergeant Aces of 1940


Limited edition bookplate of  only 23 worldwide but also has the edition signatures on the title page from the launch.

Michael Wainwright, Jos Millard, John Keatings, Ken Wilkinson, Iain Blair, Joe Atkinson, Tony Pickering, Tony Iveson, Stapme Stapleton, John Milne and the author Richard Smith Duxford 14th October 2001

Signed at the launch by Richard Smith and also the following Battle of Britain air crew:
Stapme Stapleton, Jos Millard, Tony Pickering, David Denchfield, Eric Barwell, Ken Wilkinson, Michael Wainwright, Terry Clark, Joe Chamberlain, John Keatings, Tony Iveson
and also signed by Ian Blair and John Milne

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Limited edition bookplate, Signed at the Launch