God Shed His Grace On Thee by John Shaw


The War is Over! Liberty Studios’ first published title is personally signed by at least 25 WWII vets from all branches of Service, who received America’s top military decorations: The Congressional Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service or Navy Cross.

The War is Over!! As headlines from sea to shining sea proclaimed this wonderful news, the hearts of Americans everywhere rejoiced. As the famed lyric said, God had indeed “Shed His Grace” on this nation. Tyranny had been overthrown, but not without great sacrifice and great cost. As many war-weary troops returned home into New York harbor, the Statue of Liberty herself seemed to join in with the crowds at her base welcoming them home, proclaiming “welcome home—well done!” Overhead, aircraft proudly representing the WWII branches of service roar overhead in salute…An F6F Hellcat for the Navy, P-38 Lightning for the Army Air Forces, and F4U Corsair for the Marine Corps.

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