Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader An inspiration in photographs by Dilip Sarkar


Comes with a purpose made slipcase

This special limited edition is signed by

Lader Bader

Lord March

Sir Sean Connery

Sir Henry Cooper

Mr Bruce Forsyth

Mr Peter Allis

Flight Lieutenant Sir Alan Smith DFC

Squadron Leader Paddy Barthropp DFC AFC

Mr Nigel Smith

Mr Andrew Brown

Also laid inside the book this bookplate is signed by

A C Leigh

Richard Jones

George Unwin

J G Millard

Raimund Puda

Ken Wilkinson

Vic Bergman

Nigel Kemp

Ron Smith

Wallace Cunningham

Peter Brown

‘Butch’ Morton

Tom Draper-Williams

Archie Winskill

Dennis Armitage

Alan Smith

Gordon Sinclair

Bob Beardsley

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