High Summer High Battle by Nicolas Trudgian


Limited edition of 350 worldwide

In late August 1940 another massive wave of German

bombers crosses the English coast. Young fighter pilots are

hurling themselves into the frenzy of aerial combat. Such

actions are to be repeated time and again during this

summer-long war of attrition, in an epic duel that will be

written into history as the Battle of Britain. A then unknown

Hans-Joachim Marseille, of 1./LG2 flying his Bf 109E

‘White 14’ rushes headlong at a squadron of No.19 Spitfires, in

an attempt to break up their attack. Marseille will later find

fame and glory over the deserts of North Africa, with JG27

where he will ultimately raise his total to 158 confirmed aerial

victories. It is here, however, in the battle-scarred summer

skies of England that the ‘Star of Africa’ will first start to shine.

Signed by:

Wing Commander George UnwinDSO DFM*

Major Erich Rudorffer

Hauptmann Hugo Dahmer

Overall print size  83cm x 61cm

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