Honour Restored by Squadron Leader Peter Brown AFC


The Battle of Britain, Dowding and the Fight for Freedom

Single Signature:

Signed by Squadron Leader Peter Brown AFC 41 Squadron

10 Signature Title Page:

Personally signed in the book by:
Geoff Knutkins (artist who illustrated the front cover)
Peter Brown
Ken Wilkinson
Len Davies
keith Lawrence
Stan Duff
Cyril Bamberger
Richard Haine
Tony Iveson
B G Stapleton

10 Signature Bookplate:

Signed bookplate by:
Peter Brown
Peter Olver
Bob Beardsley
Cyril Bamberger
A C ‘Joe’ Leigh
Percy Morfill
Tom Draper-Williams
Archie Winskill
James Renvoize

Hard Back

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Single Signature, 10 Signature Title Page, 10 Signature Bookplate (Hard Back)