Inspiration by John Young


Limited edition of only 500 worldwide

Official limited edition print of the 60th Anniversary of the

Douglas Bader Foundation. Douglas Bader (D-B) leading

Dogsbody Section, 616 Squadron, including Johnnie Johnson

(YQ-E) , Cocky Dundas (YO-A) and Jeff West (YQ-H) on his

final operational take off from Westhampnett on August

9th 1941.

Personally signed by World War II veterans who flew with

Bader during World War II

Paddy Barthropp, Robert Beardsley, Archie Winskill,

Dennis Armitage, Butch Morton, Alan Smith,

Peter Ward-Smith, George Unwin, Richard Jones,

David Cox, Wallace Cunningham, Nigel Kemp, Jos Millard,

Doug Nicholls, Vic Bergman, Gordon Sinclair,

Maurice Peter Brown, Arthur Leigh, Ken Wilkinson,

Tom Draper-Williams

Overall size 74cm x 59cm

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