Kursk, Cauldron of Fire by Nicolas Trudgian


In July 1943, 300 miles south of Moscow , the wide rolling grasslands of Kursk witness the greatest tank battle in history as 6,000 tanks meet in frenzied conflict. With close support from ground-attack aircraft of the Luftwaffe , German panzers advance through the wreckage of Russian armour. However , in what proved to be a turning point of the war in Russia , this battle was eventually won by the Soviets

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Seven Fighter Pilots – Knights Cross Holders

Hans-Ekkehard Bob , Hugo Broch , Gunther Rall , Erich Rudorffer , Walter Schuck , Otto Schultz , Walter Wolfrum

Three Stuka Pilots – Knights Cross Holders

Hans Krohn , Wilhelm Noller , Karl Spreitzer

Six Tank Commanders – Knights Cross Holders

Otto Carius , Gerhard Fischer , Albert Kerscher , Norbert Kujacinski , Wilhelm Weidenbruck and Georg Bose.

Overall size 45cm x 32cm

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