Last Combat of the Red Baron by Frank Wootton


By the spring of 1918, Manfred von Richthofen had downed eighty Allied aircraft. It was Sunday, 21st April, 1918 when Richthofen led 15 Fokker and Albatros Scouts against R.E. 8 reconnaissance aircraft of the Australian Flying Corps. Coming upon the scene were Sopwith Camels from No. 209 Squadron.
W.R. May, on first sortie, left the battle on Brown’s instructions. Richthofen, who had been waiting for someone to withdraw from the dogfight, went in hot pursuit of May. Brown followed, firing at Richthofen. Brown saw his bullets rake the side of the Triplane. He saw the pilot turn around, looking back, and then collapse in his seat. The Red Baron crashed two miles inside British lines.
This print is a limited edition of 850 worldwide and was published in 1993 by Greenwich workshop


Artist Signed, Artist Proof