Lie in the Dark and Listen by Wing Commander Ken Rees with Karen Arrandale


Limited edition signed bookplate To commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Great Escape and honour the 50 who did not return

Lt. Col .R Inghram DFC – tunneller, Lt. Gen. A P Clark –  Security, Ft. Lt. H Sprague – trap door operator for ‘Harry’, Flt. Lt. J G Weir – one of the first to tunnel in ‘Harry’, Flt. Lt. B Fordyce – last man down the tunnel, Flt. Lt. S Dowse Mc AE – No.3 down and out of the tunnel, Flt. Lt.B Laumans – Penguin, Flt. Lt. R A Bethell – No. 65 out of the tunnel, Wg. Cdr. H K Rees – tunneller, Sqn. Ldr. B A James MC – No. 39 out of the tunnel, Sqn. Ldr. R S Churchill – No. 63 out of the tunnel, Flt. Lt. W Morison – helped build and install the air pump ‘Harry’, Flt. Lt. J D Rae DFC* – Stooge, Flt. Lt. M M Shand DFC –  No 76 out of the tunnel, Major D M Jones DSM DFC – tunneller, Wt. Off. R M Trundle – Penguin and Stooge, Sqn Ldr F B Day AE – Penguin, Sqn. Ldr. K N T Lee DFC AE – Penguin, Flt. Lt L Brodrick – No. 52 out of the Tunnel, Flt Lt G King – operated the air pump in ‘Harry’ and also a penguin, Flg. Off. L G Hall  Meteorologist, Flt. Lt. A E Bryett – penguin and stooge, Flt Lt. J K Lyon – Stooge, Flt Lt A J Moul – tunneller.

comes with purpose made slipcase and is an extremely rare limited edition book.

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