London Pride by Nicolas Trudgian


For one hundred years the Royal Air Force has provided outstanding service in the defence of the United Kingdom. Never was this more so towards the end of the Battle of Britain when London became the focus of aggression from the German Luftwaffe. Daily, from the streets of the city, onlookers witnessed the deadly conflict. In one case of those Battles, between an Me109E and the 603 Squadron Spitfire of Pilot Officer Basil ‘Stapme’ Stapleton, the aircraft were engaged in a particular frenzied Dogfight over Tower Bridge.  Rapidly losing altitude, suddenly, with the river perilously close, the pair separated , the combat unresolved.  For his part,  Stapme kept at chimney pot height, following the familiar roads back to his airfield at Hornchurch.

This stunning limited edition of only 200 Worldwide has been signed by the legendary Battle of Britain Pilot Squadron Leader ‘Stapme’ Stapleton DFC

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