Peiper’s Last Advance by Nicolas Trudgian


What became known as ‘The Battle of the Bulge’ was Hitler’s last attempt to win back the initiative in the west by smashing towards the Allied lines by the unlikely and difficult route through the Ardennes. Five armoured spearheads, one of which was commanded by the highly regarded Obersturmbannfuhrer Joachim ‘Jochen’ Peiper, were to penetrate these steep and wooded valleys under the cover of poor weather which had brought deep snow.

Although a battle-hardened commander, Peiper soon found the conditions most unsuitable for his heavy armour, especially his prestige but very large ‘King Tigers’ which were forced to hold back and give cover while more maneuverable tanks went on.

After meeting strong opposition from three US Divisions, whose engineers had also quickly destroyed vital bridges ahead of the German advance, Peiper’s force soon became scattered. Now fighting a hopeless defensive action and suffering a lack of fuel and ammunition, Peiper was eventually forced to withdraw, on the 23rd December, leaving his King Tigers behind. For Peiper as well as Germany this had been the final advance in the west.

Overall size 65cm x 90cm


Signed by:
Erich Rudorffer – Knights Cross Oakleaves & Swords, Hans-Ekkehard Bob – Knights Cross,
Hugo Broch – Knight Cross, Erwin Kressmann – Knights Cross, Wolfgang Muller – Iron Cross (Waffen SS Panzer)


King Tiger Edition

Signed by thirteen Knight’s Cross recipients:

Erich Rudorffer – Luftwaffe, Erwin Kressmann – Panzer, Heinz Gunther Guderian – Panzer, Otto Schultz – Luftwaffe, Willy Bachor – Panzer, Hans Ekkehard Bob – Luftwaffe, Kurt Dahlmann – Luftwaffe, Norbert Kujacinski – Panzer, Gerhard Fischer – Panzer, Hugo Broch – Luftwaffe, Wilhem Weidenbruck – Panzer, Albert Kershcher – Panzer, Otto Carius – Panzer.



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Ardennes Edition, King Tiger Edition