Preparing for Action by Robin Smith


This print depicts a Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb of 303 (Polish Sqn.) flown by CO. Sqn. Ldr. J Zumbach. A quick and efficient turnaround of fighting aircraft on the front line was of paramount importance, and much was left in the hands of the all important ground crew.

The importance of the so called “erks” which included such duties as armourers, re-fuelers, engine and airframe technicians etc. is often forgotten. Let us remember that without these people the aircraft would never have been able to take part in any action at all, and many were killed doing their duty on the ground. The image also helps to promote the fact that flying along side the Spitfires were Hawker Hurricanes, as one is indeed landing in the background. Part of the canvas was painted on sight during the Sept 05 Duxford airshow with members of the public witnessing me painting out all the background trees to be replaced with the hedge. I found the trees overpowered the Spit airframe. I think it helps the composition along in such a case for the aircraft to overlap into the sky a bit.

The image is printed using the giclee method which is based on an ink jet principal, the resultant reproduction, although being far more expensive than lithography is more consistent than other traditional methods.

Print size 25½” x 19½” Image size 22″ x 14½”

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