Safely Home – A Tribute to Bomber Command by Nicolas Trudgian


This original drawing is personally signed in pencil by the following Bomber Command veterans.

Ivor Broom, Bill Reid, Stan Bradford, Bob Knights, Dennis Woolley, Larry Curtis, Kenneth Wolstenholme, Wilf Burnett, Doug Newham, Bill Farquharson, Reg Lewis, Dudley Burnside, Tony Iveson,

Framed within the mount are the further original signatures of

Leonard Cheshire, Michael Beetham, Norman Jackson, Ted Sismore, Rod Leoroyd , Bill Lucas, Dennis Slack, Norm Schrivner, Fred Watts, Tommy Coles, Basil Fish, Benny Goodman, G L (Johnny) Johnson, Reg Cleaver, Harry Parker, Ken Wallis, James Castagnola, Reg Everson, William MacFarlane, Raymond Worrall, Bill Townsend

Also has an original Air Crew Europe Medal

Overall size 55cm x 60cm

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