September Victory by Nicolas Trudgian


A stunning original drawing by Nicolas Trudgian, that was created many years ago and has  some historical Battle of Britain signatures:

Personally signed on the drawing by the following

Cyril Bamberger, Bob Doe, H Bird-Wilson,  Paddy Barthropp,

Johnnie Johnson, Pete Brothers, Ken MacKenzie, Allan Wright,

Dennis David, Billy Drake, Mickey Mount, Peter Parrott,

Archie Winskill, Basil Stapleton, Jos Millard

Framed within the mount are the original pencil signatures of

Paul Farnes, Len Davies, Keith Lawrence, Bob Foster, H M Pinfold,

Peter Hairs, John Freeborn, Bill Green, Nigel Rose,

Joe Chamberlain

Framed drawing size 56cm x 51cm

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