Slowing The Red Tide by Nicolas Trudgian


By the early months of 1945 the Soviets had reached German soil in East Prussia. The Germans were now in desperate straits – Units were only a shadow of their former strength, replacements were minimal and morale was at an all time low. Despite all of these handicaps, and the colossal strength of the enemy, the German forces continued to resist with great courage, especially when hundreds of thousands of German civilians were fleeing from the advancing Red Army. Weather conditions became appalling, with heavy snowfall and freezing conditions. Amazingly, the battered Germans actually took the offensive to smash a corridor through the encircling Soviets to allow more civilians to escape. Spearheaded by the Tigers and King Tigers of Heavy Tank battalion 505, the Germans punched through and held the corridor open for a week – against a huge Soviet force of no less than 6 Divisions ! Nicolas Trudgian’s fantastic painting features the Tigers of 505 advancing into a deserted village having destroyed a number of T34/85 tanks. Overhead, the Fw190A’s of the Stab. JG51 provide aerial support over a bleak East Prussian winter scene. Meanwhile the Yak 3’s of the famed ‘ Normandie-Niemen ‘ group flown by the free French pilots attempt to break up the Fw 190’s as they race back to base to re-arm and re-fuel. A superb rendition of the final stages of the war in the East. Fw190’s of stab JG51 provide support to armour breaking out of the beseiged ‘ Festung Konigsberg ‘ in East Prussia. The determined action of the Wehrmacht opened a life-saving corridor to the Baltic and was one of their last significant tactical victories on the Eastern Front.


Signed by the Artist Nicolas Trudgian,
Franz-Josef Beerenbrock – Knights Cross & Oakleaves’ Fighter Pilot, Hans-Ekkehard Bob – Knights Cross Fighter Pilot,
Georg Bose – Knights Cross Sturmgeschutz (StuG), Hugo Broch – Knights Cross Fighter Pilot, Hugo Dahmer – Knights Cross Fighter Pilot,
Kurt Dahlmann – Knights Cross & Oakleave’s Nachtschlachtflieger, Adolf Dickfeld – Knights Cross & Oakleave’s Fighter Pilot,
Gerhard Fischer – Knights Cross Tank Ace, Hajo Herrmann – Knights Cross Oakleaves’s & Swords Fighter /Bomber Pilot,
Wolfdieter Huy – Knights Cross & Oakleaves’s Fighter Pilot, Albert Kerscher – Knights Cross & Oakleaves’s Panzer Ace,
Franz Keislich – Knights Cross & Oakleaves Schlacht and Stuka Pilot, Heinrich Kohler Knights Cross Sturmgeschutz (StuG),
Erwin Kressmann – Knights Cross Panzer-Jager, Norbert Kujacinski – Knights Cross Panzer Ace, Heinz Lange Knights Cross Fighter Pilot,
Heinz Marquardt – Knights Cross Fighter Pilot, Hermann Neuhoff – Knights Cross Fighter Pilot, Wilhelm Noller – Knights Cross Schlachtflieger,
Gunther Rall – Knights Cross Oakleave‘s & Swords Fighter Pilot, Edmund Rossmann Knights Cross Fighter Pilot,
Erich Rudorffer – Knights Cross Oakleaves & Swords Fighter Pilot,
 Walter  Schuck – Knights Cross  Oaklaeave’s Fighter Pilot,
Otto Schultz – Knights Cross Fighter Pilot,
 Franz Woidich – Knights Cross Fighter pilot and Walter Wolfrum – Knights Cross Fighter Pilot



The Konigsberg Edition, The JG51 Edition