Spitfire Ace by Martin Davidson and James Taylor


This book accompanied the Channel 4 Series on how to fly the Spitfire

It is signed on the half title page by the following Battle of Britain Air crew:

Fred Barker, Peter Olver, Richard Haine, Paul Farnes, George Unwin, John White, Paddy Barthropp, Len Davies, Peter Brown, Bob Foster, Gerald Stapleton, Tony O’Neil, Pete Brothers, John Ellacombe, Jack Rose, Vernon Simmonds, Gordon Sinclair, Nigel Kemp, Jack Riddle, Peter Dawbarn, Wilf Sizer, Jack Toombs, Geoffrey Wellum, Nigel Rose, Iain Hutchinson, Tom Dalton-Morgan, Frank Hulbert, Stan Duff, Herbert Pinfold, Gerald Stapleton, James Renvoice, Aylmer Aldwinkle, Ken MacKenzie, Mick Shand, Tony Pickering.

Also signed on the title page by the owner of the Spitfire Carolyn Grace.

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