Target London by Nicolas Trudgian


In September 1940, the final phase of the Battle of Britain, the Luftwaffe adopted a new policy, turning their attention away from the RAF’s airfields and making London their target. On the 15th September, one of two devastating raids saw more than one hundred Heinkel 111 and Dornier bombers swarm over the docklands and the East End. During their dangerous daylight journey to and from the capital they were not expecting much opposition from the RAF, believed by the Luftwaffe to be down to its last fifty fighters, and so were greatly surprised to be met by no fewer than twenty eight squadrons of Hurricanes and Spitfires. One He111 of KG53 is seen here having been hit, before struggling back to France. Others were not so fortunate and, by the end of the day, the German losses were so great that Hitler postponed the invasion indefinitely. For the people of London and many other British towns and cities, however, the ‘ Blitz ‘ had only just started. The Luftwaffe’s bombers , vulnerable in daylight , subsequently attacked under the cover of darkness. London was bombed for seventy six consecutive nights, suffering widespread destruction and thousands of casualties , but the morale of Londoners never wavered.


Signed by the artist and an amazing 14 Luftwaffe Battle of Britain pilots,
Hans Ekkehard Bob – Knights Cross, Otto Schultz – Knights Cross,
Erich Rudorffer –Knights Cross Oakleaves & Swords – Fighter Pilots and 11 bomber pilots
Kurt Dahlmann – Knights Cross & Oakleaves, Hajo Herrmann – Knights cross Oakleaves & Swords,
Hansgeorg Batcher – Knights Cross & Oakleaves, Johann Boos – Knights Cross,

Udo Cordes – Knights Cross, Wilhelm Dipberger – Knights Cross, Otto Engel – Knights Cross,
Herman Hogeback – Knights Cross Oakleaves & Swords, Diete Lukesch – Knights Cross & Oakleaves,
Heinrich Sudel – Knights Cross Gerhard Krems – Knights cross Holder



The Blitz Edition, The Kampfflieger Edition