The Greatest Air Battle by Gil Cohen


Don Blakeslee flying his mark V Spitfire of 133 Squadron shoots down an FW190 in the chaotic air battle over the Dieppe landing, on 19th August 1942.

Limited edition pencil print of 133 worldwide

Overall print size 45cm x 32.5cm Image size 22cm x 42cm


We currently have 3 versions available:

2 Signature

Signed by Don Blakeslee and Gil Cohen

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3 Signature

Signed by Don Blakeslee, Wilson Bill Edwards and Edward George Hayes. Bill Edwards flew as wingman to Don Blakeslee on the Dieppe raid and Edward Hayes
was Don Blakeslee’s engine fitter at the time of the raid of 133 Eagle Squadron.

£40 + postage and packing


4 Signature

Signed by the following pilots who flew at Dieppe:

Air Commodore Pete Brothers o/c 602 Squadron
Air Commodore John Ellacombe 253 Squadron
Flight Lieutenant Sir Joe Atkinson 609 Squadron
Wing Commander Herbert Tappin 3 Squadron

£60.00 + postage and packing

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