The Road To Dunkirk by Nicolas Trudgian


Vector Fine Art Prints and Nicolas Trudgian have combined forces for this stunning print, this historic edition has been 10 years in the making!

The 19th May 1940 was a day of hectic air fighting over northern France as the greatly outnumbered RAF battled to  keep the Luftwaffe away from the retreating British Army.  Max Aitken, flying his Hurricane of 601 Squadron, engages Ju87 Stukas of StG2 as they attempt to attack a British Army column retreating from the Panzer spearheads near Arras.  By the close of the day, Hurricane pilots had claimed close to 100 enemy aircraft.














By Nicolas Trudgian

The beach at Dunkirk, early June 1940











OPERATION DYNAMO (Companion print)
By Nicolas Trudgian

Defiants of No.264 Squadron over Dunkirk during the most successful day’s action
of any RAF squadron in history. 29th May 1940.  ’37 enemy destroyed for no loss.’


Group Captain Billy Drake DSO DFC*
Joining the RAF on a short service commission in July 1936, after initial training he was posted to  1 Sqn. in Tangmere in May 1937. The Squadron went to France in September 1939 where he had multiple victories before being shot down by Bf 110’s on the 13th May, bailed out and wounded he was hospitalised before being flown back to the UK returning to operational duties with 213 Sqn. at Tangmere on the 2nd October. Three weeks later he was posted to 421 Flight as a Flight Commander claiming several more victories. His final score was 19 victories.

Wing Commander Peter Ayerst DFC
Joining the RAF in 1938 on a short service commission, he was then sent as part of the advance air striking force to France at the beginning of September 1939.
With several victories in the Battle of France he was also the first pilot to engage a BF109 in combat. With the fall of France he was recalled back to England where he became an instructor, then being posted to North Africa in 1942 he returned back to the UK in 1944 were he took part in the D-Day operations.

Flight Lieutenant Peter Hairs MBE
Joined the RAFVR in October 1937, on completing his training he converted to Hurricanes being posted to 501 Sqn on 24th January 1940. He went with the Squadron to France on the 10th May and on the 15th he shared with the destruction of a DO17. On returning to the UK he fought with distinction throughout the Battle of Britain and destroyed a Bf 109 of September 5th. He was posted to 15 FTS on the 13th October 1940.

Wing Commander Paul Farnes DFM
Joined the RAF VR in April 1938. After initial training and spending 6 months with the RAF he converted to Hurricanes. On the 14th September 1939 he joined 501 Sqn. The Squadron flew to France on the 10th May 1940 where he achieved several victories. Being withdrawn from France the Squadron regrouped and moved to Gravesend on the 26th July. During the next three months he fought with distinction in the Battle of Britain scoring more victories. He was awarded the DFM on the 22nd October 1940. November 1940 he was posted to 57 OTU.
He final tally was 8 victories with many damaged. 

Wing Commander Jack Rose GMC MBE DFC
He joined the RAF on a short service commission in October 1938. After training and converting to Hurricanes he joined 3 Sqn. at Biggin Hill. The Squadron was then posted to France where it was attached to 63 Wing, seeing  action for 10 days in May 1940 where he destroyed 3 enemy aircraft. The Squadron was withdrawn from France and returned to the UK. He was the posted to 232 Sqn. before joining 32 Sqn. on the 22nd August. On the 25th he was shot down over the Channel by Bf 109’s bailing out he was rescued from the sea.

Wing Commander Eric Barwell DFC* (ARTIST PROOF EDITION ONLY)
Joining the RAF VR in July 1938, on completing his training he was transferred to 264 Squadron converting to Defiants in late December 1940. In May 1940 he was heavily engaged in action over Dunkirk with several victories, until on the 31st his aircraft was damaged and ditched in the sea,
He flew with 264 during the Battle of Britain. During 1942 the squadron converted to Beaufighters were he spent the rest of the was flying operationally.


The Road to Dunkirk has the original signatures of no less than 5 Hurricane pilots who fought in the skies over Northern France when the British expeditionary force withdrew to the beaches to be evacuated back to England.
The print measures 72.5cm x 50.5cm overall with an image size of 61cm x 35m
The Signatures are:
Group Captain Billy Drake DSO DFC, Wing Commander Peter Ayerst DFC
Wing Commander Peter Hairs MBE, Wing Commander Paul Farnes DFM
Wing Commander Jack Rose CMG DFC MBE
Also comes with pencil print
“After the little ships had gone”
The print measures 32cm x 44cm

THE ROAD TO DUNKIRK limited edition print with the above signatures
and companion print
“After the little ships had gone”
Also pencil print
Operation Dynamo” signed by Wing Commander Eric Barwell DFC*
The print measures 44cm x 32cm


Colin personally knew all of the veterans who have signed this edition and all understood that
this project would take many years to come to fruition. Each veteran was paid for all their time and
effort in signing so they could enjoy their well earned fee.


Hurricane Edition, Hurricane Artist Proof Edition, Artist Signed Edition