The Straggler by Frank Wootton OBE


The Straggler by Frank Wootton Print. Signed by the artist along with two of most highly distinguished pilots of World War Two Air Vice Marshall Johnnie Johnson, General Adolf Galland.  This print commemorates the bravery of American bomber crews. In the late summer of 1943, the US Eighth Army Air Force was striving to prove its long-held theory of daylight bombing over Germany, suffering heavy casualties. Despite the lack of a long-range escort for the splendid P-51 Mustang did not make its appearance until the following year the Mighty Eighth pressed on against formidable German fighter defences. On every daylight raid there were a few stragglers who, damaged by fighters or flak or both, tried to make the hazardous flight back to the UK. The further they fell back from the main formation, the more vulnerable they became to prowling and aggressive German fighters. In this classic painting, Frank Wootton captures superbly all the drama and skill of air fighting as the General of Fighters himself, Dolfo Galland and his worthy adversary, Johnnie Johnson, circle warily over a damaged B-17, each watching for an opening and both very aware that other fighters friendly or hostile could at any time join the party. 61cm x 66cm

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