Thunderbolts and Lightnings by Nicolas Trudgian


The relief of Bastogne turned the tide in the Battle of the Bulge and Hitlers final great offensive of World War II lay in ruins. P47 Thunderbolts of the 406th Fighter Group, in company with P38 Lightnings, support the advancing armor of General George Pattons US Third Army as they prepare to relieve the battered 101st Airborne Division from their heroic defence of Bastogne during the final climax to the Battle of the Bulge, 24 December 1944. The Battle of the Bulge was one of the largest land battles of WWII with more than a million American, British and German troops involved, incurring huge casualties on all sides and this release pays tribute to the sacrifice of Allied Forces, during this important milestone in World War II.

This artist proof edition is signed by: Murray Shapiro, Gordon Hearne, Peter Howenstein, John Moseley,  Duke Buniff, William True.

Framed within the mount is a 9th airforce patch, 3rd Army Patch, Infantryman’s badge, 303 round-collected from The Ardennes and the further original signatures of:Clarence Smoyer, Walter Stark, Alden Rugby, Wild ‘Bill’ Guarnere, Earl McClung, Don Malarkey

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