Tommy Leader by Robert Taylor


The long balmy summer days of 1940 provided perfect flying weather for the vast armadas of Luftwaffe bombers and fighters wreaking havoc over the southern counties of England. As summer wore on the enemy stepped up their attacks on airfields, radar stations and shipping in the Channel, leaving RAF Fighter Command stretched to near breaking point. The Battle of Britain was at its peak; air – fighting reached an unimaginable intensity.

Throughout the months of July, August and September the destiny of Britain and the free world hung in the balance, resting upon the shoulders of a tiny band of youthful fighter pilots. Desperately short of aircraft, spares and supplies and with its young fliers heavily outnumbered, this heroic band of young men flew from dawn to dusk in defence of their homeland until the drove off the Luftwaffe from their precious skies. Their courage, skill, determination and sacrifice will forever be remembered for the battle they won. They rescued Britain from Nazi invasion and turned the tide in the Second World War.

Fondly remembered for its part in the victory is the remarkable Hawker Hurricane. This tough, stable fighter bore the brunt of all operational flying during the the epic air battle, no fewer than four – fifths of all air victories being credited to the pilots of this outstanding fighter aircraft. Without the Hawker Hurricane the battle would have been lost.

In his unrivalled and inimitable style, Robert Taylor has miraculously captured the mood so typical of those long frantic days. Fresh from yet another hectic combat high over the south coast, Flight Lieutenant Tom Dalton – Morgan and his wingman, hurry their Hawker Hurricane Mk1s of 43 Squadron back to base at Tangmere. More fuel, more ammunition, a sandwich and a cup of coffee, and with the familiar roar of the Merlin engines they will be airborne again, ready to engage the next wave of Luftwaffe raiders.


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