Under The Radar by Nicolas Trudgian


No 2 of a trilogy

On the 15th. of August 1940, the Luftwaffe mounted their largest attack on Britain to date, with over 2,000 sorties. The raiders appeared large and threatening on the RAF’s radar screens, but unseen were the sixteen Bf110s and nine Bf109Es of the Special Test Unit, ERP 210 (Erprobungsgruppe 210). Their tactic was to fly so low as not to be seen by radar, and this day’s target was RAF Martlesham Heath in Sufffolk. Led by Bf110Ds with the blue and white markings of 1st. Staffel, the group also boasted 30mm cannon-armed Bf110Cs and bomb-carrying Bf109Es of 3rd. Staffel. The tranquility of East Anglian backwaters was shattered, but the real damage was done at Martlesham where the RAF had no time to react. ERP 210 served successfully throughout the Battle of Britain, but thankfully for the RAF, it remained a small part of Luftwaffe tactics.

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Screaming Jericho and Bandits 200 Plus

Overall size 65cm x 89 cm

ASR edition 

Signed by the Artist


Erprobungsgruppe Edition

Signed by Eight Fighter Pilots who flew in the Battle of Britain
Gunther Rall KC Hugo Dahmer KC Bruno Stolle KC Hans-Ekkehard Bob KC
Hermann Neuhoff KC Edmund Rossmann KC Eric Rudorffer  KC Otto Schultz KC




ASR Edition, Erprobungsgruppe Edition