Victory Fighters: The Veterans Story by Stephen Darlow


Winning the Battle for Supremacy in the Skies Over Western Europe, 1941-1945.

We have Three versions available (See Photos).

Multi Signed Title Page Version:

Signed on the First Day of issue, 60th Anniversary V E Day

Signed Limited Edition Bookplate Version:

Bookplate signed by:
Jerry Eaton
Ken Trott
Bob Cole
Hugh Ross
Brian Spragg
Ron Pottinger
Derek Lovell
Derek Tapson
Tony Liskutin
Hart Finley
John Cunningham
Paddy Barthropp
Neville Duke

Signed at the Launch

Signed in the book by Kit North-Lewis

Norman Crooks

David Ince

Keith Lawrence

George Kelsey

Derek Tapson

Derek Lovell

Brian Harris

George Wood

Bob Cole

and the author Steve Darlow

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Multi Signed Title Page, Signed Limited Edition Bookplate, signed at launch