With Naval Wings by John Wellham


In 1938 John Wellham joined the Fleet Air Arm as Sub Lieutenant. Wellham was appointed to 824 Squadron on HMS Eagle where the ship joined the Mediterranean fleet in Alexandra. When Mussolini sided with Hitler Wellham flew one of three Swordfishes from Eagle which raided the Italian base in Bomba sinking four ships with three Torpedoes, for this he was awarded the DSC. Then Wellham was chosen to take part in the second strike on Taranto from HMS Illustrious, braving a barrage of A A fire, he flew his badly damaged Swordfish into the Harbour fired his torpedo at the Battle Ship of Vittoria Veneto. Appointed (wings) or commander flying in the escort carriers biter and then empress Lieutenant Commander Wellham braved the storms and U-boats in the Atlantic before being sent to the forgotten fleet in the far east for the final struggles with Japan .

Signed by John Wellham

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